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North Sand Mountain Unveils Honor Court Program
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Friday, August 08, 2008
Honor Court...Where Academics, Community, and Extra-Curricular Activities are Combined
Honor Court...Where Academics, Community, and Extra-Curricular Activities are Combined
2009 Freshman will be Inaugural Court as Class of 2012

North Sand Mountain High School



It takes something special to be a Bison!  North Sand Mountain High School (NSMHS) prides itself in providing an educational environment that allows students to excel in both academic and extra-curricular activities. Being recognized as a Bronze Medal School in 2007 by U.S. News and Report only supports that North Sand Mountain High School ranks among the best in the nation.


North Sand Mountain Honor Court is designed to recognize students who exceed a high-level of achievement in academics, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement.



To meet the academic requirement for Honor Court, a student must take the highest level of each academic subject *  for his/her grade level.:


Freshman:  Must take Algebra 1

Sophomore:  Must take Honors Geometry, Spanish 1

Junior:  Must take Algebra 2, Spanish 2,  Chemistry

Senior:  Must take Pre-Cal, Advanced Science

Students must take a minimum of two dual enrollment and/or AP Courses.


*As local school personnel and scheduling allows, this list may be updated.



North Sand Mountain High School offers a variety of extra-curricular activities.  This includes both service organizations and athletics.  To fulfill the requirement for Honor Court a student must be involved in a minimum of two activities each school year.  The activities include:

FCCLA, FFA, Beta, Jr. Beta, Science Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Fellowship of Christian Students, HOSA, Skills USA, Scholars' Bowl,  N.S.M. Basketball, N.S.M. Football, N.S.M.Track, N.S.M Softball, N.S.M. Baseball, & N.S.M. Cheerleader.  As additional organizations are made available to North Sand Mountain High School students, they will be added to this list.



The desire of North Sand Mountain High School is to develop not only the academic strengths of our students but also provide them tools to become better citizens.  During their high school career to qualify for Honor Court students are required to provide documentation of a minimum of 25 clock hours in one or more community service activities  each school year.   Examples of activities includes Relay for Life Team, Muscular Dystrophy Fund Raiser, Vacation Bible School, nursing home volunteers, member of Bryant Ruritan, Flat Rock Ruritan, volunteer fire department/rescue squad, etc.  This community service is in addition to activities students perform to satisfy a grade requirement in a class or activities in which they receive financial compensation.  This is volunteer service in addition to regular school day.  Documentation of community must be on file NO LATER THAN May 15th of the current school year.






Attendance is essential to maximizing a student's opportunities to excel.  To be a member of Honor Court students will be required to have exemplary attendance.  This is defined as not having ANY unexcused absences during the school year and not being in violation of the Jackson County Board of Education policy for tardies.



Members of The North Sand Mountain Honor Court will be expected to abide by all rules and regulations as set forth in the Jackson County Schools Code of Conduct.


If a student commits a Class 3 disciplinary violation or the Class 1 violation of cheating he/she will immediately but placed on a probationary status for one year.  A student in grades 9-11 that is on probation will not be recognized on Honor Court during the school year that the violation occurs.  If a second violation occurs during the probationary period he/she will no longer be eligible.  If another violation does not occur, he/she will be reinstated the following school year provided all other requirements for Honor Court are met.


*NOTE:   If the initial violation occurs during the student's senior year, the severity of the incident will be reviewed by the Faculty Honor Court Committee *** on a case-by-case basis.



Each year, every student in grades 9-12 that has met the requirements for Honor Court  will be recognized at awards day.  At the 2008-2009 Award's Day North Sand Mountain High School will introduce the inaugural Freshman Honor Court.  During the 2009-2010 school year a Freshman and Sophomore Honor Court will be presented.  To be a member of Sophomore Honor Court, students must have also been eligible as freshman.  The 2010-2011 school year will have Freshman, Sophomore, & Junior Honor Court where the Junior students have been eligible each two preceding years.


The Class of 2012 will be the first North Sand Mountain High School graduating class to have a Senior Honor Court.  The Class of 2012's Honor Court will consist of students that have been on the Honor Court throughout their high school career (grades 9-12) **.  The Senior Honor Court will consist of students that have chosen the most rigorous academic path and have also balanced a well-rounded school career through extra-curricular activities and community service.  The student with the highest academic average from the Senior Honor Court will be named as the class valedictorian.  The student with the second highest academic average from the Senior Honor Court will be named salutatorian.  All members of the Senior Honor Court will be recognized as Honor Graduates in lieu of recognizing top ten. 


**Transfer Students:

It is often necessary for students to transfer schools during their high school careers.  For a transfer student to be eligible for North Sand Mountain Honor Court, he/she must have completed all necessary requirements (academic, extra-curricular, community, attendance, and discipline) at his/her previous school.  Transfer students also have to be enrolled at North Sand Mountain High School on the first day of their senior year.


***Faculty Honor Court Committee

Chris Davis, Principal                          Kerry Wright, Assistant Principal    

 Dianne Biddle, Counselor                  Angie Bain, Counselor

Teachers:  Scott Byrum, Dewayne Carson, Ed Carter, Bettina Goins, & Michael Wilborn

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